Line Up


Gosia Aniolkowska & Filip Górski

When not fine tuning plans to take over the world, Gosia can be found on the dance floors all over Europe ( ...and abroad ) , realising her new projects and creating dance adventures. Gosia found Swing dancing whilst looking for a way to express her love of music and vintage style.
Starting with Tap and Authentic Jazz, she quickly came to discover Lindy Hop, Balboa, St Louis and Collegiate Shag. From these days she has continuously trained, seeking inspiration by traveling around the world.
When teaching Gosia focus on connection, a strong foundation from which the character of each partner can find expression in individual style

Filip began his adventure with swing dancing in 2013 in Warsaw. When Collegiate Shag appeared on Polish dance floors for the first time two years later, he quickly became fascinated with this energetic and joyful dance. A little later, he joined the choreographic group Warsaw Shag Team, with which he performed, among others, at the Dragon Swing and BCN Shag festivals. Filip has been involved in music for years - he plays the guitar, trombone and mandolin. He is also one of the founders of the New Orleans jazz band - The Cajun Spices. His passion for music is reflected in the way he dances. During classes, he willingly works on technique and basics but his main domain in dance is unbridled energy.

Karolina Chrapkova & Sergej Götz

Karolina Chrapkova, originally from the Slovak Republic, has been dancing since the age of three. Performing traditional folk dances as a child, her professional training began with the ballet academy. Accumulating dance experiences in Latin (Jive, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Rumba) and Contemporary, Karolina found Swing when she moved to Copenhagen. She then focused on the Charleston, Collegiate/St.Louis Shag, Balboa, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, and Boogie. In 2017, she began performing, teaching, and winning numerous competitions internationally. She currently teaches at the Happy Feet Studio in Copenhagen and recently got certified as Yogi master in India. Upon meeting Minn Vo, they discovered their shared passion for performing. Their ensuing friendship resulted in an athletic approach to the movement, acrobatic additions to her repertoire, and ultimately a spot dancing with The Hollywood Hotshots. Karolina has since performed with Minn internationally in Austria (Alpine Jitterbugs), Germany (Shag Ahoy), Poland (Warsaw Collegiate Shag festival), Italy ( Winter Jamboree) and even overseas in the USA.

Sergej’s journey of swing dancing started in 2015 at the Vintage Club in Munich. Being surrounded by international dance teachers and the local legends Marcus and Bärbl who pushed him in Lindy hop, Shag, Balboa and Solo Jazz, he started teaching in 2017 at the Vintage Club. Nowadays he’s teaching all the swing dances, but his passion is Shag, because of its dynamics! Nevertheless, he still continues to visit local and international classes to learn new things.

In competitions he got placed and won various international competitions. One of his favorites is the endurance contest where his childhood nickname of being an “Energizer bunny” still comes out.

In their Vintage Club Showgroup he’s part of the choreographing team, who create mixed choreographies and perform them on multiple stages.

His main goal is to spread the joy of dancing no matter which occasion it might be. Come to Augsburg to learn and dance with him!

Don't be confused, in the beginning Karolina should teach together with Minn Vo, but unfortunately Minn cannot make it to the event. So Karolina will teach with Sergej!

Band & DJs

Jungle Jazz Band

The Jungle Jazz Band is a traditional jazz band formed by six young international musicians based in Berlin. They all share a passion for the oldest jazz, born in New Orleans in the early 20 th century.

The Jungle is known throughout the European swing dance and traditional jazz communities for offering some of the best hot jazz in the scene. They often collaborate with renowned New Orleans musicians including Meschiya Lake, Russell Welch, and Joseph Faison.

The band resurrects the original rough and powerful sound of the early jazz era, when music was meant to be hot, entertaining and danceable. Drawing from great composers like Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong's hot five, Bix Beiderbecke, and Sidney Bechet, the band delivers fresh interpretations and thrilling arrangements, exciting all kinds of audiences from dancers, to jazz connoisseurs and party crowds.

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There will be tickets at the door for all parties.

DJ Viv

DJ Viv started as a local DJ to push the Darmstadt Shag scene. A Long-Time passionate and festival tested shag dancer herself, her heart begins to race in delight when the music quickens. She has been collecting music since COVID lockdown and cannot wait to play some really fast tunes she has been saving for the right opportunity. Starting with a little Jive at five, she'll have you scratching circles on the dance floor in your blue suede shoes. Good music, especially the new swing classics, has always got a home in her DJ sets. So come shake, rattle & roll to a mix of styles before flying home.

DJ Mark Brooks

DJ Mark Brooks is always on the quest for these very special "Swinging Sounds", making the dancers smile and move their feet so easily over the dancefloor. As DJ and dancer for more than 10 years now, he plays not only classic Swing or Jazz sounds, but digs even deeper for more danceable pieces in unusual genres like pre-war Blues, Jug Band street music, Western Swing, or even beyond. 


He DJs and organizes regular Swing dance events in Regensburg, Germany, since 2013, and is one of the initial founders of the Swing in Regensburg association and key actor of the local Swing dance scene there.