Schedule & Levels


Schedule Shag Weekend 2024


Friday Evening Specials

Collegiate Shag Special 

Level Intermediate & higher.

You know the basics and variations in Collegiate Shag and are open for some special ideas.

NO Beginners.

St. Louis Shag Basics

You want to learn St. Louis Shag or get into dancing St. Louis Shag again. You should at least already dance other swing dances like Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Boogie, Balboa etc. on a solid level. NO ABSOLUTE Swing Dance Beginners.

Shag Levels 2024

Collegiate Shag Rising Star

You know the basics and some variations in Collegiate Shag, but you might still feel a bit lost on the social dance floor sometimes. You want to improve your dancing skills and learn new patterns to feel confident and have more fun on the dance floor.

Collegiate Shag Challenger

You can dance to a great range of tempos (also very fast) with any partner (from freshly beginners to advanced dancers). You breathe connection and you no longer need to think about basics! You can lead or follow variations and complex patterns without thinking. You feel confident on the social dance floor and even fast or difficult music won’t stop you! Sometimes you might have connection issues. You want to improve your style by getting to know the style of the teachers.